Allmogegården i Tolarp

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Welcome to Allmogegården in Tolarp! Allmogegården is a small certified ecologic farm, run by Bengt and Maria. Our aim is to cultivate the farm as sustainably as possible, so that future generations should have the same opportunities as we do to live on the farm. We want to show that there is a alternative to modern agriculture and to today's matererial and stressful lives, and that it is possible to live well on a small farm if you simply shift focus to self sufficiancy and quality of life rather than making money.

We care about the environment and assume the responsibility of restoring and preserving the cultural environment. We have a small tractor but we try to use our horses for as much of the work as possible. We grow vegetables, bread grain and feed for the animals. We have three milking cows, pigs, sheep and hens. It is very important to us that the animals live their lives in the most natural way possible. We strive for a sustainable and productive agriculture that works on nature's terms . We use manure from our animals, crop rotation , cover crops and companion planting to conserve soil fertility. The small-scale and culturally entrenched agriculture is based on ancient traditions with generations of experience while it is more up to date than ever. It relies on the efficient use of resources and recycling which is a prerequisite for sustainable agriculture .

We also work a lot with the restoration of the cultural environment. Our goal is to returning the farm to the way it was before 1950. We cut down the spruce plantations and restore meadows, field and pastures, repair stone walls and build wooden fences. We welcome groups of schoolchildren and adults to experience the traditional farming with its cultural environments and a down to earth and relaxed contact with animals and nature, and to gain an understanding of where food comes from and its importance.

We also welcome volunteers from all over the world, who want to learn more about sustainable agriculture and self sufficiancy, through the organization WWOOF . If you come and stay with us as a volunteer, you will experience traditional farming and how it is to live on a small farm with focus on self-sufficiency. You will learn about cultivating the land, taking care of the animals, building fences, growing vegetables, preparing and storing food, etc. On the farm there is a house where our guests will stay, with 5 bedrooms and 12 beds. We think it's good to have many WWOOFers at a time because we belive you enjoy the company of each other. You will be surrounded by beautiful environment with nature all around you. We would like to offer guests a valuable experience with a close, relaxed and natural contact with the animals and country life. On our blogg you can read about what is happening on the farm: